Find a Podiatrist

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Before choosing a podiatrist, it’s a good idea to look into what type of podiatrist you need. There are a few areas of specialization within the field of podiatry.

Injuries of the foot can be very difficult problems to diagnose. Most general practitioners are only equipped to deal with relatively easy types of foot injury. If it is any more serious than a mild sprain to the ankle, then it is a better idea to seek the assistance of a podiatrist. These doctors specialize in the treatment of the foot, and therefore are better able to give you an accurate diagnosis when dealing with such issues.

In order to go and see a podiatrist, you will usually have to get a referral through your general practitioner or family doctor. Since they are specialists, sometimes this is the only way that they will take on a new patient. It may also be a requirement of one’s insurance agency to do things this way.